ExtraHop Expands Application Performance Management for Big Data

ExtraHop Networks, a provider of network-based application performance management (APM) solutions, has launched an SAP Sybase IQ Module designed to give IT organizations operational intelligence into big data analytics and data warehousing environments. The new module is intended to allow IT teams to monitor the performance of all Sybase IQ queries in real time without profilers or other host-based instrumentation, which, the company says, can be costly and add performance overhead to systems.

According to ExtraHop, for many companies, business success increasingly depends on turning that data—both structured and unstructured—into actionable information. Business-intelligence and data-warehousing applications are the key to unlocking the potential of big data, but they pose challenges for IT operations teams because they entail more traffic, more transactions, and more complexity for back-end IT systems. The ExtraHop Sybase IQ module was built to meet the needs of IT organizations running large big data applications.

With the ExtraHop Sybase IQ Module, IT organizations that rely on Sybase IQ data-warehouse applications are able to continuously monitor all Sybase IQ queries in real time with visibility into query details, response time, and size of responses; give DBAs the data they need to ensure performance and make data-warehouse tuning decisions; correlate data warehouse performance with performance of the network, web tier, and the underlying SAN; continuously monitor iSCSI transactions for early warning of SAN latency issues that can affect data warehouse performance; measure performanceimprovements and justify investments in Big Data technologies; track emerging performance issues with automatic trend-based alerts; and integrate with Splunk for long-term trending, historical analysis, and correlation with system-level data.

ExtraHop  provides “operational intelligence” for big data applications, Justin Baker, director of marketing at ExtraHop Networks tells 5 Minute Briefing.  “One of the things that is critical to the announcement and is unique to us is that we provide visibility that no one else in the marketplace does, and it is across all tiers – the network tiers, web services,  the app servers, database storage systems – and we view them as an integral delivery system. They are pieces that make up the whole and so when we look at Sybase IQ, we are looking at it in relation to the entire application delivery chain.”

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