Extracting Insights from Oracle Database

Extracting the most value of your data through real-time and ad hoc analytics isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

Correlating data to various internal and external sources and creating a bridge between structured and unstructured data stores can be a challenge. But, it doesn’t have to be a problem with Oracle.

Modern data warehousing challenges include inflexibility, complex architecture, slow performance, old technology, and a lack of governance, according to Axel Streichardt, senior director of business applications solutions at Pure Storage, who discussed in a recent webinar how Pure Storage's data platform can help customers seeking a high performance solution to make the journey to analytics efficient and effective.

According to Streichardt, Pure Storage’s Oracle solution can help enterprises modernize an Oracle data warehouse to produce insight from data quickly. The tools and infrastructure to do that are an Oracle Database 11g or higher, supported by an all-flash storage solution, such as Pure Storage FlashBlade, Streichardt  said.

The Pure FlashBlade array is an all-flash storage architecture. It connects directly to Oracle databases via dNFS, and, with large pools of read and write bandwidth.

With FlashBlade enterprises get scalable capacity at a small form factor, faster database scan rates, faster data loads (ETL), and lower TCO with Oracle dNFS.

The key value propositions the solution gives to businesses includes:

  • Jobs getting done faster with consistent high performance
    • Scalability in IOPs, BW, low latency and Fast deletes
  •  More capacity/performance in less space
    • High capacity in small 4U form factor significantly reduces footprint
  •  Simple to Manage
    • Easy HW install, efficient/automated system startup
  •  Future proof architecture
    • New modern innovative architecture
  •  Low Environmental operating requirements
    • Lower power, lower cooling
  •  Business and Procurement Model
    • Smart Storage – Fast Everywhere, Effortless and Evergreen

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.