F5 Works Toward More Agile Multi-Cloud Environments

F5 Networks has unveiled a cloud tool that is intended to help customers more rapidly deploy critical application services for every app and any environment. BIG-IP Cloud Edition is offered as a per-app virtual Application Delivery Controller (ADC) that can apply and automate policy-based services at each step in the development and production pipeline. This approach empowers app owners to better collaborate with NetOps, DevOps, and SecOps within an agile framework.

BIG-IP Cloud Edition combines F5’s portfolio of application services with the enhanced management, visibility, and analytics capabilities of the vendor’s BIG-IQ toolset. The solution is designed to help customers add “right-sized” services tailored for individual applications, multiple cloud environments, and user demands. As a use case, the solution enables customers to deploy Advanced Web Application Firewall policies to address sophisticated application threats in a consistent way across public and private clouds.

“We see application services evolving to a per-app model that enables NetOps, SecOps, and application development teams to deploy consistent and right-sized application services for every app, regardless of where those apps run,” said Kara Sprague, SVP and general manager of the ADC business unit at F5. “There persists a misconception that you have to choose between rich services and agile, portable service deployment. Our goal with BIG-IP Cloud Edition is to remove this false dichotomy, and better enable NetOps and SecOps teams to deploy a full range of traffic management and security services in a lightweight software footprint, easily add new applications to their services mix, and more swiftly embrace DevOps practices.”

The BIG-IP Cloud Edition includes enterprise-grade services and protection with an all-software ADC solution, as well as a self-service catalog of app services for automated provisioning, configurations, and upgrades.

BIG-IP Cloud Edition also extends the benefits of these services to multiple IT teams. The ability to deploy, upgrade, and automate trusted F5 services on a per-application basis better positions NetOps to support business priorities in concert with SecOps and DevOps. With a focus on collaborative operations, the solution promotes self-service consumption by app development teams, along with an open API for deploying services in the data center and multiple cloud environments. The solution also includes dashboards that deliver per-app visibility, analytics, and controls.

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