FairCom Announces New and Rebranded Data Products

Global database technology company FairCom recently announced new versions and rebranding of its major products, which include data solutions for high-speed transactions, Industry 4.0 environments, and legacy system modernization.

The unveiling occurs as the company is about to embark on its fifth decade of providing fast, reliable database technologies for some of the world’s best known brands and more than 40% of the Fortune 100.

The new product releases and selected highlights include:

FairCom DB V12 (formerly known as c-treeACE): V12 is a unified multimodel database. Its new features increase availability, scalability, performance and productivity. Being the most customizable database, it provides developers with an unprecedented level of control to meet their unique needs, such as inserting millions of records per second and implementing cutting-edge data processing algorithms.

FairCom EDGE V3 (formerly known as c-treeEDGE IoT Database): EDGE V3 is built for edge computing applications for IoT solutions and Industry 4.0 environments and is now available in two offerings.

  • FairCom EDGE IoT DB: Empowers developers with a fast, embedded transaction-controlled database that runs anywhere for use by applications on the edge near their data source.
  • FairCom EDGE IIoT Hub: Enables integrators and OT engineers in automation to easily integrate systems in (IIoT) environments, with little to no code.

c-treeRTG V3: RTG is a data management solution for legacy systems, such as COBOL. RTG V3 includes new features that enable legacy systems to operate with the latest in performance, scalability, stability, and data integrity, while enabling the simultaneous use of modern programming languages, platforms, APIs and protocols.

“FairCom DB provides developers an unprecedented level of control to ensure the fastest and most capable database possible,” said FairCom Chief Architect Mike Bowers. “FairCom EDGE IoT Database is optimized for developers to build solutions for the edge in less time with its integrated database, data replication service, REST data service, and MQTT Broker. FairCom EDGE IIoT Hub is built specifically for Industry 4.0 settings, providing low-code, point-and-click integration within and between factories, clouds, and IT data centers. c-treeRTG indefinitely extends the life of legacy systems without rewriting existing code while simultaneously allowing all modern analytic tools, machine learning, and programming languages to deliver parallel solutions over the same legacy data.”

The brand updates and product launches occur during the company’s 41st year of operation, which began on Nov. 6.

Product Overview

FairCom DB V12 is a unified multimodel database with the most customizable and configurable database engine. It provides high-performance NoSQL and industry-standard SQL within the same application, over the same data. It operates on more than 20 platforms and provides NoSQL and SQL APIs for all major programming languages including a new NoSQL API for Python. It can be embedded in an application, run as a central database server, or deployed as both at the same time.

Some of the new features in V12 include up to 3x faster performance, batch operations providing up to millions of inserts per second on a single server, Replication Manager for point-and-click management of replicated data, parallel high-speed data replication, new JSON data type with indexing of any JSON property, automatic security management, automatic database tuning, extensive system diagnostics, over 100 new API functions, expanded capacity for 128 TB of swap space, 4 TB of Sort Memory, 1 million or more open tables/files, unlimited indexes per table, 64,000 bytes per short string column, 2 GB for long string column, and 2,500 columns per table.

FairCom EDGE V3 is built  for edge computing environments in IoT projects. Starting with this version, FairCom EDGE is available in two offerings:

  • FairCom EDGE IoT Database is a fast, transaction-controlled database designed specifically for IoT applications that run at or near the data collection point. It can be easily embedded or integrated into an IoT or IIoT application. Even with a micro-sized footprint, it is powerful enough to host and replicate data from thousands of sensors. Its database is fully integrated with a built-in data replication service, REST data service, and store-and-forward MQTT Broker. This greatly speeds up development, instantly delivers value, and lowers the cost of building Edge applications.
  • FairCom EDGE IIoT Hub has all the features of the IoT Database plus a browser-based graphical user interface for point-and-click integration between MQTT, OPC UA, REST, SQL, and ThingWorx. Designed for the new era of industrial automation, it can store data near its collection point, such as data from factory equipment and sensors, as well as be used to send and receive data between the cloud and data centers. With little-to-no code, organizations developing their Industry 4.0 systems can connect, monitor, and control factory equipment, PLCs, and sensors. Integrators can deliver solutions that collect, transform, enhance, store, forward, and integrate data.

c-treeRTG V3 is the latest addition to the FairCom “Ready-To-Go” solution dedicated to modernization of core legacy business applications. With its data-centric approach, c-treeRTG modernizes the data management engine underneath without touching the COBOL code. c-treeRTG is powered by the same technology that is the backbone of FairCom DB, and it provides both SQL and NoSQL APIs that allow developers to use modern programming languages to process the same data at the same time as COBOL and Btrieve applications. New features in c-treeRTG V3 include High Availability, enhanced performance, Full-Text Search and Automatic Transaction Optimization.

Detailed information about FairCom DB, FairCom EDGE, and c-treeRTG is available at