FairCom Improves Integration in ctreeRTG Platform

FairCom is unveiling a new version of ctreeRTG that enhances its integration capabilities for COBOL and BTRV lines. ctreeRTG is a family of product extensions dedicated to the VAR, ISV, or end user who wants to update the data management engine underneath an existing application without touching the code. According to the company, it easily updates existing applications to the latest technology, enhancing performance, improving data integrity, and providing access from other applications.

“It’s a combination of two different technologies. RTG is a family so it’s a package of our main products designed for specific niches,” said Evaldo Horn de Oliveira, director of business development, FairCom. “It brings a lot of additional features. “RTG stands for ready to go because it’s a product designed to install a database, replace a component of users' systems with very little-to-zero development needs. The intention is to be plug and play.”

Version 2 of the platform will enable customers to tap into data that until now was difficult to access and process due to restrictions from legacy systems.

The goal behind ctreeRTG is to provide companies with FairCom technology that helps them keep their legacy system as-is, while allowing the system to benefit from new technologies, and to do it in a way that is as easy as to implement as possible.

ctreeRTG COBOL Edition was developed to provide customers with a fully operational transaction database that allows simultaneous SQL access to COBOL files, with no changes to the application logic. It also requires no rewriting by developers to their COBOL programs in order to take advantage of the relational database model.

With ctreeRTG V2 COBOL Edition, customers are able to preserve the many years of investment in mission critical COBOL applications with zero application migration, while at the same time bringing COBOL data file management to enterprise levels with real time replication, high availability, automatic recovery, and full SQL integration.

“The key is that we have both NoSQL and SQL capabilities under the same database, we are a multimodel database,” de Oliveira said.

ctreeRTG V2 for BTRV provides a three-pronged approach for companies, enabling customers to replace their original database without changing their business logic with a seamless API mapping that creates a one to one between the Btrieve functions and ctreeRTG.

“We’re very excited about this,” de Oliveira said. “All these customers are very unassisted from the vendor perspective."

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