FairCom Offers Free COBOL Modernization to Government Entities

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, FairCom Corp. is offering a COBOL modernization solution for non-mainframe COBOL systems for free for 1 year to government entities. The 1-year offer is for the c-treeRTG COBOL Edition, a data management solution that modernizes COBOL applications so they can be used with modern programming languages such as Python and Java and will be available through the end of the year.

FairCom’s offer to government entities includes:

  • Free annual subscription licenses of the c-treeRTG COBOL Edition, for up to one year
  • Free standard support for up to five programmers, for up to one year

“Due to increased demands caused by COVID-19, COBOL systems are under unprecedented levels of strain because of the need to provide critical relief checks to millions, support the high number of unemployment requests and fulfill many other essential tasks. Also adding to the problem is the decreased number of available COBOL programmers,” Alysha Brown, chief officer of operations, FairCom. “For those running COBOL open systems, c-treeRTG allows organizations to easily overcome the challenges without touching a line of COBOL source code and enabling the COBOL system to be used seamlessly with many modern languages."

“We know the pressure is on right now, which is why we want to make sure our offer to help outlasts the immediate crunch. There will be many systems where an approach taken after things have settled is the best option, and we want to support whichever scenario is best for the organization.”

c-treeRTG COBOL Edition has been used to transform and modernize legacy COBOL applications in the private and public sectors for more than a decade.

Detailed information about the c-treeRTG COBOL Edition is available at, and additional information about the offer to government entities is available at