FairCom Rolls Out Version 11 of c-treeACE

FairCom, provider of “multimodel No+SQL” integrated database management tools, has updated its c-treeACE platform, offering up to 300% higher throughput, while keeping data consistent and durable.

“This is coming with a lot of new features and most of them are really designed to allow our customers to explore further the combination of what we call the NoSQL end of SQL,” said Evaldo Oliveira, director of business development.  “We provide a very high speed database. Our technology is designed for mission critical environments, high performance and essentially NoSQL value store. Not only that, we provide SQL on top of the same data, that’s why we say one database, countless possibilities.”

Version 11 of c-treeACE will provide developers with new configurations that will allow them to use flexible schemas to customize unique ways of storing and retrieving data.

Additional new features and integrations include expanding Multimodel No+SQL full read/write SQL capabilities over NoSQL data, better performance gains, faster in-memory speeds, Increased Javaoptions such as JPA: NoSQL Java Persistence API quickly converts existing apps, JEE: Enterprise Java Beans make c-tree available as a Resource Adaptor, JTDB: Fast NoSQL access to c-tree files, and JDBC: Type IV JDBC driver for industry-standard apps, and upgraded stored procedures.

Customers who need to have NoSQL because of performance but at the same time require SQL for integration will benefit from these upgrades, Oliveira explained.

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