FairCom c-treeACE V10 Bridges SQL and NoSQL Worlds

Database company FairCom has released the tenth edition of its cross-platform database technology, c-treeACE V10. This solution features what the company describes as the industry’s first Relational Multi-Record Type support for integration between relational and non-relational database worlds, as well as new Java interfaces, performance and scalability enhancements, additional platform support, and new replication models.

The new Relational Multi-Record Type Support in c-treeACE V10 maps non-relational data into relational formats (SQL) without modifying the data itself. Users can map non-relational data relational models “on-the-fly” while preserving existing code, which improves performance and reduces the risk of a complete data migration. “We’ve done about 30 performance enhancements within our internal engine, which have yielded 30% faster transaction writes, 60% better SQL performance, 200% better replication throughput, and 26% faster reads,” Randal Hoff,  vice president of engineering at FairCom, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

Also new in V10 are  the Java-based GUI administration tools and interface, providing native Java implementation on top of an ISAM API. “Even dedicated Mac and Linux shops now have GUI tools for creating, monitoring and maintaining their databases,” Hoff explains. “We’re able to drive 30-40% performance gains over a traditional JDBC-type application.” Essentially a NoSQL implementation of Java, this feature allows for greater programmer control and throughput, and is available in few other databases.

New replication models are also featured in FairCom’s latest release. “With Version 10, we’re offering a new active-active model where you can do two-way replication and load balancing, and a model with a single master with multiple slaves,” Hoff states. Additional features in c-treeACE V10 include data filter stacks, thread impersonate, data compression, and enhanced automatic recovery. FairCom supports major hardware platforms and operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, IBM AIX and Oracle Solaris.

c-treeACE V10 is available now. Visit to learn more.