FalconStor Software Reveals New Data Storage Container

FalconStor Software, a data protection company, is unveiling StorSafe, an enterprise-class persistent data storage container that provides integration with legacy backup and archive software and processes.

StorSafe leverages modern industry-standard software container technology that uses virtualization at the application layer versus the systems layer, and allows the disaggregation of the data from the system-level storage components.

With this "data-centric" approach, the solution delivers a persistent, long-term data preservation container that is agnostic, heterogeneous, and highly portable, as well as backward compatible and compatible with future technology advancements.

Leveraging the power of container technologies has allowed the development of robust active and passive capabilities that are necessary during extended archive retention periods in data centers and cloud environments for forensic audits, chain of custody inquires, cyber intrusion detection, and periodic journaled data integrity validations.

Some of StorSafe's benefits include:

  • Portability across any S3 cloud, object storage, and on-premises storage environments and future-proofing for technology advancements
  • Dramatically improved long-term archive accessibility and reinstatement for strategic archive leverage
  • Variable payload container storage, allowing hyper-efficient data deduplication over large storage containers to significantly reduce cost and storage capacity consumption, and smaller storage containers optimized for accelerated data reinstatement
  • Increased security and data integrity capabilities to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, availability, nonrepudiation, and accessibility of archive data, as well as a journaled integrity checks at user set intervals for data integrity validation, cyber intrusion detection, and verification of chain of custody
  • Critical retention data is no longer tied to or integrated with a specific hardware storage system or cloud platform allowing independent data portability over extended retention periods without expensive cross-platform service migration costs
  • Redundant Array of Independent Clouds (RAIC) container distribution via multi-cloud erasure coding for data redundancy, redundancy overhead reduction, and accelerated disaster recovery, which delivers 99.99999+ of availability even if an entire cloud provider goes dark

"Continuing FalconStor's long history of innovation, we have filed several provisional patents for the underlying persistent virtual storage container (VSC) technologies that enable StorSafe to disaggregate the data from storage system to deliver legitimate data independence,” said Todd Brooks, FalconStor CEO. “Developed to significantly reduce long-term archive data storage costs, increase archive portability and accessibility, StorSafe will redefine the traditional concepts of long-term archival, data preservation, retention, reinstatement, and storage optimization for the next decade."

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