Fauna Announces Polyglot APIs for its Transactional Database 

Fauna, provider of a distributed OLTP database, FaunaDB, has announced expansion of its query interface with standard APIs to further boost developer productivity.

Developers using FaunaDB will now be able to manipulate data directly using query languages such as GraphQL for web applications, as well as CQL for key-value access and SQL for relational workloads. The additional languages will appear as native endpoints within both FaunaDB Cloud and FaunaDB Enterprise, and will not require any additional software to be managed by the developer.

FaunaDB is a relational NoSQL database that guarantees data correctness without operational complexity. Its multi-model approach enables businesses to model any type of data—relational, document, graph and temporal paradigms—in one database system. According to the company, the new APIs are notable in that they enable developers to access all of their data from any of the supported query languages, unlike other polyglot systems that require duplication of the underlying data. 

With support for APIs such as GraphQL, CQL, and SQL, FaunaDB Cloud will offer a versatile cloud database service. Serverless, global, and multi-cloud, FaunaDB Cloud will allow developers to use any language to access any of their data, enabling productivity for application development at scale.

According to said Evan Weaver, CEO of Fauna, the cloud-first database enables mainframe-class reliability and safety, andthe new access to the power of the platform from standard APIs was the next step in its planned journey.

The GraphQL API is available immediately in FaunaDB cloud. The CQL API will be available in Q2, and support for SQL will be available later this year.

Fauna is based in San Francisco and Boston, and funded by Point72 Ventures, CRV, Data Collective, and Quest Venture Partners, with strategic investment from GV (formerly Google Ventures, a division of Alphabet), Capital One Growth Ventures, and LINE Corporation.

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