Find Out How Analytics Works in the Real World at Data Summit 2018

Innovative organizations in a range of fields are using ground-breaking tools to put data to work for a variety of purposes—in some cases, with life-saving results.

At Data Summit 2018, Fabricio Silva, an informationist at Knowledgent, and Yan Ge, director of data analytics, Global R&D, Data Science Institute, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, will showcase how Knowledgent’s technology is improving diagnostics for the global pharmaceuticals company during a presentation, titled “Disrupting Paradigms with Analytics."

Data Summit 2018 will take place at the Hyatt Regency Boston, May 22-23, with pre-conference workshops on Monday, May 21. Cognitive Computing Summit will also be co-located at the event.

Silva and Ge will highlight two use cases for the creation of a data lake at the Takeda R&D facility. One is the analysis of vast quantities of genomic files, and the other use case is the analysis of real-world evidence, using the Knowledgent Cohort Builder product to analyze the data faster.

Among the benefits of Cohort, said Silva, are that it enables self-service analytics. If a researcher knows a condition, disease, or procedure code that they would like to include or exclude, the person can iteratively zero in on a cohort (group of patients) on the own without having to program or relying on programmers. In addition, if the user has a cohort, or list of patients, they can plug it into various pre-built Tableau-based visualizations. And, for customized analysis through programming, the Cohort members, the OMOP (Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership) data, and the analytic visualization data are all available to “jumpstart” the analysis.

The presentation will highlight how the Cohort Builder enables cutting-edge analysis of vast quantities of data that could take weeks to months to be cut down to just a few days with results that include visualizations, said Silva.

Faster analytics can help researchers to improve genome analysis by allowing them to extract just the data they need to work with from a data lake and identify patients more quickly who may benefit from specific drugs. In addition, it can be beneficial for pharmaceutical companies to quickly compare various types of data, such as contrasting the cost-effectiveness of various approaches versus just considering the price.

Silva and Ge will present their talk, “Disrupting Paradigms With Analytics,” on Tuesday, May 22 at 2 pm.

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