Find Out What's Ahead for Artificial Intelligence at Data Summit 2018

Based on the history of AI, a term that has been around since 1956, a reasonable skeptic might wonder what is going to be different this time around.  But, given the recent accomplishments in analytics, visualization, and machine learning, AI does indeed have a promising future, according to Todd Sundsted, CTO of SumAll, who will present a talk at Data Summit 2018, titled “Past, Present & Future: What Lies Ahead for AI.”

Data Summit 2018 will take place at the Hyatt Regency Boston, May 22-23, with pre-conference workshops on Monday, May 21. Cognitive Computing Summit will also be co-located at the event.

There is a tremendous amount of data being created and collected, a wealth of computing power available, and if one looks at the tools available, other than AI and ML tools there are not many alternatives, said Sundsted. What is being accomplished now in terms of image classification, speech translation, and even autonomous cars, despite recent tragic accidents, is miraculous.

Sundsted will reflect on the various pioneers of AI from the past, what they tried to accomplish, and why they fell short in order to set stage for a look at the current cognitive computing era, and where AI and machine learning are going now and in the near-future.

Just as in the early days of the internet, said Sundsted, there will be failures and weaknesses identified, but solutions to those problems will also be engineered.

Sundsted will present his talk on Tuesday, May 22, at 10:45 am.

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