Fine-Grained Visual Embedding by Amazon QuickSight Brings Visibility without Complexity

AWS, a leading cloud platform, is debuting its latest addition to Amazon QuickSight: Fine-Grained Visual Embedding. This feature provides users with individualized visualizations from Amazon QuickSight dashboards for embedding within high-traffic web pages and applications. Increased visibility is supplied to end-users through Fine-Grained Visual Embedding, without requiring server or software setup, or infrastructure management.

Amazon QuickSight is a cloud-based, embeddable, and ML-backed business intelligence (BI) platform that provides users with interactive data visualizations, analysis, and reporting to support data-driven decision-making, without the process of managing servers. Amazon QuickSight allows users to embed branded analytics, such as interactive dashboards, natural language querying (NLQ), or BI-authoring experience within internal portals or public sites.

“With Fine-Grained Visual Embedding Powered by Amazon QuickSight, developers and ISVs now have the ability to embed any visuals from dashboards into their applications using APIs,” said Donnie Prakoso, software engineer and senior developer advocate at AWS. “As for enterprises, they can embed visuals into their internal sites using 1-click embedding. For end-users, Fine-Grained Visual Embedding provides a seamless and integrated experience to access a variety of key data visuals to get insights.”

Benefits of Fine-Grained Visual Embedding include automatic updates of embedded visuals, as well as automatic scaling without requiring server management, and optimized for efficient performance on high-traffic sites. Amazon QuickSight will also support 1-click embedding for nontechnical users to deploy code embedding, via 1-click enterprise embedding or 1-click public embedding. Users can also employ visual embedding through the API, using AWS CLI or SDK, for increased flexibility to configure allowed domains at runtime.

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