Fivetran Adds Data Source Connectors for IBM, Oracle, and SAP

Fivetran, an automated data integration provider, is adding new data source connectors for IBM, Oracle, and SAP, accelerating large enterprise organizations' move to the modern data stack.

The pre-built connectors add to the more than 150 maintained 24/7 by Fivetran, helping engineering teams in building and maintaining data pipelines.

Fivetran is a provider of automated data integration, delivering ready-to-use connectors that automatically adapt as schemas and APIs change, ensuring access to data.

Mission-critical data, stored in these databases, can now be efficiently extracted from their source, loaded into cloud data warehouses and lakes, and reliably managed for instant availability to support data-driven decision making. 

“Enterprise data teams just don’t have the time to build, manage, and maintain the enormous number of data integrations that are being requested. We see it as our mission at Fivetran to eliminate this burden, freeing up invaluable time by providing an extensive library of easy-to-use, fully managed and maintained data connectors,” said Fraser Harris, vice president of product at Fivetran.

Fivetran strengthens its position by managing data integration for enterprise databases including support for IBM Db2 on Linux, Unix and Windows, and SAP HANA.

These connectors feature automated replication capabilities that Fivetran provides natively, such as fully-managed maintenance, automatic schema management, failure recovery, and incremental data updates.

Additionally, a new connector for Oracle Database enables log-based change data capture for replicating Oracle RAC environments.

Fivetran utilizes Oracle’s native Flashback technology to copy incremental updates from source to destination.

Fivetran will continue its support for the enterprise with plans to roll out additional enterprise connectors in the coming months.

“We’re in the midst of a tremendous shift in enterprise data management with analytics capable of reimagining entire organizations,” Harris said. Fivetran is instrumental in enterprises’ digital transformations and modern data stack strategies, working with leading data warehouses and lake houses, such as Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, and Databricks, to enable these shifts quickly and reliably, Harris added.

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