Fivetran Boosts Partnership with Google Cloud, Gives Joint Customers Support for SAP

Fivetran, a provider of modern data integration solutions, now supports the Google Cloud Cortex Framework and announced that it is a Launch Partner for the new Google Cloud Ready - BigQuery program.

Fivetran has proven the ability of its solution to manage the complex, high-volume data needs essential to leverage the Google Cloud Cortex Framework to accelerate business outcomes.

Also, as a Launch Partner for Google Cloud Ready - BigQuery Program, Fivetran is recognized and validated for its ability to replicate data from key applications, event streams, file stores, and more into BigQuery, ultimately helping customers make more informed business decisions.

“Our partnership with Fivetran aims to make it very simple for customers to move data into BigQuery,” said Manvinder Singh, director, partnerships at Google Cloud. “Through the Google Cloud Ready - BigQuery designation, and its support for the Google Cloud Cortex Framework, Fivetran continues to deliver the innovation and expertise customers need to fuel data-driven digital transformations.”

Fivetran’s HVR enterprise solution enables enterprise teams to keep data in sync by replicating changes asynchronously into the target—with no direct impact on ERP transactions.

To achieve this, HVR employs log-based change data capture (CDC), widely considered to be the least-intrusive method for tracking incremental database changes with no data loss.

For Google Cloud customers moving SAP data, they then can leverage the numerous predefined data models and content available with Google Cloud Cortex Framework, which helps users to kickstart insights and reduce time-to-value.

“We are thrilled to be a data management partner with Google Cloud, and we look forward to the many new opportunities that the Google Cloud Ready - BigQuery designation will bring,” said Logan Welley, Vice President of Alliances for Fivetran. “We are also excited to provide our joint customers access to our new HVR technology in supporting and simplifying their complex SAP implementations.”

Fivetran and Google Cloud continue to make significant investments in the broader data and analytics needs of global enterprises.

Recognized as a key data movement partner for Google Cloud, Fivetran offers users transformation packages along with its 180+ source connectors.

Together with Google Cloud, both organizations will bring complete, use case-based and industry-specific solution sets for analytical and operational needs, according to the vendors.

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