Fivetran Unveils Streamlined Transformation Tool

Fivetran, which builds automated technology to help analysts replicate data into cloud warehouses, is revealing its new in-warehouse transformation product, Fivetran Transformations.

Designed to bring simplified, fail-safe data transformations to Fivetran’s automated data pipeline solution, the agile end-to-end tool enables data teams to execute SQL when new data arrives or on a schedule.

Users of Snowflake’s warehouse platform can now trial the feature for free; support for additional database and warehouse destinations including Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, and Microsoft Azure will roll out soon.

Fivetran Transformations is an extension of the software company's 100+ pre-engineering data connectors.

The new tool features everything needed to orchestrate SQL-based transformations in the data warehouse as opposed to antiquated data pipeline technology, which applies transformations before the data enters the warehouse.

By putting an automated transformation tool inside the warehouse, as Fivetran does, the original data is protected and available should a restore be required. This delivers enormous scalability, the ability to recover from failure, and time-saving benefits.

“Fivetran is all about keeping it simple: that’s why our data pipelines are zero-configuration,” said George Fraser, co-founder and CEO at Fivetran. “The new Fivetran transformation tool is the ideal companion to our data pipelines. It allows our users to solve complex problems without wrangling infrastructure so you can focus your efforts on creating insights for your business.”

Fivetran is built on the idea that configuration-heavy ETL (extract-transform-load) protocols are outdated and burdensome in today’s cloud-based data environments. Its zero-configuration E-L-T (extract-load-transform) model reduces risk, conserves analytical and technical resources for strategic projects, and allows for greater business agility to deploy new tools and scale across an organization.

Fivetran Transformations integrates with the company’s automated data platform solution and features simplified management of the entire pipeline in one, single tool. The logging and notification system makes reporting easy and enables teams to quickly diagnose and resolve errors.

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