Fivetran’s Latest dbt Core Enhancements Help Companies Automate and Accelerate Data-Driven Decisions

Fivetran, a provider of modern data integration solutions, is extending dbt Core with integrated scheduling and data lineage graphs.

Fivetran previously announced support for dbt Core by dbt Labs, one of the most popular open-source transformations frameworks in the data analyst community.

These enhancements signal a deeper integration of open-source dbt Core into Fivetran and delivers new features to help companies simplify the complexities of the modern data stack, cut costs through ELT (extract-load-transform) automation, and accelerate data-driven decisions, according to the vendor.

Through Fivetran Transformations, Fivetran reduces the complexity of transformations by automating the process, ultimately allowing companies to have faster, more reliable access to the data they need to make data-driven decisions.

By adding integrated scheduling to Fivetran Transformations, users can now schedule their dbt Core models to run automatically following the completion of a Fivetran connector sync.

This reduces data latency and speeds up the end-to-end ELT pipeline, while also helping customers save money on unnecessary compute costs by only running transformations on new or updated data.

Another way Fivetran accelerates analytics for the dbt community is with pre-built data models. Fivetran data models are packaged SQL scripts for popular data source connectors and analytics use cases that can be run in dbt to generate new reports quickly without data engineering overhead.

Fivetran has released and maintains data models for over 40 data sources, with more being added on a regular basis.

The addition of data lineage graphs delivers a visualization of dbt Core data models in Fivetran, allowing users to better track and manage their end-to-end data pipelines through enhanced data observability tooling.

This eliminates the need for data analysts to comb through SQL code to determine relationships between models, and provides a visual representation that data engineers can use to map data movement throughout the transformation process.

The graphs also present an easily digestible format that can be shared with data analysts and other business users across the organization for a more collaborative experience.

“Fivetran’s ability to orchestrate dbt Core models brings the E, L and T together and eliminates previous gaps in the process. Our users are clear about their need for the freshest data while controlling their transformation costs,” said Fraser Harris, vice president of product at Fivetran. “With Fivetran Transformations, our complete ELT data pipelines empower our customers to make revenue-impacting, data-driven decisions. This is fulfilling Fivetran’s mission to make access to data as simple and reliable as electricity.”

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