Flashpoint Ignite Provides a Holistic View of the Cyberthreat Landscape

Flashpoint is introducing new capabilities and enhancements to its signature platform, Ignite, that are designed to provide a holistic view of risk.

Flashpoint Fraud Intelligence and Vulnerability Intelligence offer a new range of intelligence possibilities, allowing CTI teams to connect disparate intelligence and eliminate data silos, according to the company.

Fraud Intelligence offers deep insights into how fraudsters operate, revealing stolen credit cards, payment methods, account credentials for sale, and suspicious cryptocurrency transactions.

Teams can use Fraud Intelligence to:

  • Identify and monitor illegal marketplaces where stolen account credentials, including usernames and passwords, are traded;
  • Investigate and identify the sale and use of stolen credit card information across card shops, data breaches, and illicit communities;
  • Track fraudulent cryptocurrency activities, including money laundering schemes, suspicious wallets, and exchanges;
  • Benefit from the flexibility to search for fraud indicators with or without bank or customer identifiers options, effectively identifying and investigating deceptive activities aimed at your organization.

Flashpoint’s Vulnerability Intelligence provides CTI and cybersecurity teams with unparalleled visibility and context into vulnerabilities–notifying them of vulnerabilities on average two weeks faster than NVD with early coverage of zero-day and emerging vulnerabilities, according to the company.

Teams can use Vulnerability Intelligence to:

  • Identify risk faster and significantly reduce time to discovery and mitigation of vulnerabilities, including over 100,000 non-CVE vulnerabilities;
  • Leverage custom severity scoring and timely exploit intelligence to better prioritize vulnerabilities and potential impact on their organization;
  • Create internal alignment between CTI and Vulnerability Management teams to improve efficiency, simplify workflows and save time and resources.

Additionally, the company is expanding Flashpoint Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) to include increased data correlation using generative AI, new visualizations, and more relevant information recommended based on the specific challenges faced by each organization.

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