Flexential Collaborates with VeriDaaS to Build a National Geospatial Library

Flexential, a provider of data center colocation and hybrid IT solutions, will partner with geospatial solutions provider VeriDaaS as it builds a national geospatial library.

VeriDaaS' High-Definition Geiger-Mode LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a remote sensing technology used to examine and measure the surface of the Earth in extraordinarily high detail.

Flexential helps solve VeriDaaS' data challenges by not only storing all of its data in a Flexential colocation facility, but also giving VeriDaaS high-capacity, low-latency network connectivity to easily access and parse out the data so that it can be understood and used.

Flexential also provides object-based storage that flexes as needed to provide an enterprise-class, cloud-based solution that is scalable with terabytes and petabytes of storage to meet requirements.

"We chose Flexential because their national footprint and diverse portfolio of colocation, storage, and cloud capabilities, make them a true partner. They worked with us to tailor an IT infrastructure solution just for us, that will enable our growth agenda," said Christopher Payne, chief executive officer of VeriDaaS. "Because we are market disruptors, we expect many new use cases to emerge as we forge into unchartered territory and we are confident Flexential will work with us to make data as a service, functional and accessible in each circumstance."

The use cases for VeriDaaS span markets from 5G network optimization to autonomous vehicle navigation assistance. The company's high-density data is setting new standards in accuracy, enabling rich applications to be built across industries that use geospatial data in innovative ways.

VeriDaaS' acquisition airplane fleet can collect more than 5,000 square kilometers of data daily, at resolutions up to 100 points per square meter, creating a staggering amount of data of up to 100 terabytes per day.

VeriDaaS is currently flying and mapping the lower 48 United States as a part of its unique VeriMAP program, which includes making collected data easily accessible, functional and cost-effective.

With Flexential's help, the company will be able to scale as the volume of data it collects expands rapidly. Currently, VeriDaas uses Flexential's Tier III Denver data center, with object-based storage and interim private cloud services, expanding as the company's needs expand.

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