Flexential Launches Hosted Private Cloud to Streamline Workloads from Third-Party Tools

Flexential, a provider of data center colocation, cloud, and connectivity, is introducing dedicated Hosted Private Cloud - vCenter Access capabilities, enabling organizations to use industry-leading third-party tools to manage workloads and data protection requirements.

Flexential's Hosted Private Cloud - vCenter Access offers a dedicated environment, giving users control of the resources allocated to match specific application needs and requirements. The solution also offers peace of mind with built-in security and compliance, according to the vendor.

"With vCenter Access we are adding an extra layer of flexibility for our customers, enabling direct management of workloads and backups with their existing tools and processes,” said Mike Fuhrman, chief operating officer of cloud and managed services, Flexential. “We are committed to allowing our customers to manage workloads on their terms, providing the exact level of support they want and need – no more and no less."

With Flexential's Hosted Private Cloud - vCenter Access solution, customers have the control and flexibility to proactively create, monitor, and manage cluster capacity.

The solution makes it possible for customers to implement a backup and snapshot strategy using tools that they have already purchased and are accustomed to using in their IT environments, such as Veeam and Zerto.

By providing direct access to the industry standard vCenter API and management tools, Flexential's offering allows businesses to leverage existing IT staff to manage and configure infrastructure resources to drive optimal levels of performance, efficiency and utilization.

The solution also allows customers to use third-party DevOps tools such as Ansible and Jenkins to automate operations, improve the quality of software releases and accelerate the delivery of software releases into production.

The Hosted Private Cloud - vCenter Access offering also provides the optimal performance and functionality to accelerate innovation by using continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD).

These engineering practices are becoming increasingly popular in enterprises as a way to develop and deliver software as quickly as possible while maintaining high quality.

With direct access to the vCenter API, Hosted Private Cloud - vCenter Access users can leverage existing scripts and VMware tools along with existing third-party DevOps tools to enable CI and CD functionality and performance.

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