Flexential Offers New Interconnection Mesh Enhancement

Flexential, a provider of colocation, cloud, connectivity, and data protection services, is making enhancements to its Interconnection Mesh solution which simplifies colocation to cloud connections with a new layer 3 VPN (L3VPN) multipoint service option.

The new capability, available now across all markets, complements Flexential's national 100Gbps backbone allowing for any to any dynamic connections to customer deployments, and access to a vast ecosystem of carriers, cloud providers and subsea transport options on the FlexAnywhere platform of 39 data centers across 19 markets.

The new L3VPN multipoint service option for Interconnection Mesh connects all customer environments over a Flexential routed connection, enabling highly secure encrypted connections.

It solves the complexities of layer 2 transport connectivity, a challenge to achieving large-scale deployments. L3VPN assists customers in scaling their routing infrastructure with Flexential serving as a bridge between sites, removing the need for customers to orchestrate their own direct connections or incur the expense of hiring additional network engineering staff.

"Customers increasingly turn toward hybrid deployments, including public and private clouds, which often connect very different networking technologies. The expansion of Interconnection Mesh to include a layer 3 transport option helps to mitigate challenges when connecting different workloads in a controlled, scalable way," said Ryan Mallory, COO, Flexential. "We're pleased to continue investing in our FlexAnywhere platform and our Interconnection portfolio to bring enhancements and new capabilities that are crucial to our customers' continued success."

The L3VPN option available with Interconnection Mesh rounds out Flexential's portfolio of transport solutions, which also includes Data Center Interconnect.

The additional layer 3 multipoint service allows Flexential to meet customer demand while empowering customers to select the connectivity option that best fits their business needs. With L3VPN, interconnecting workloads, clouds, users, and partners is easier than ever as Flexential aims to accelerate customers' ability to scale their businesses without adding complexity.

The new capability, available now from all Flexential data centers, is part of Flexential's commitment to grow its FlexAnywhere platform with a series of recent interconnection enhancements and follows the initial announcement of Interconnection Mesh last fall, according to the company.

Flexential's broad portfolio of interconnection solutions also includes direct connections to the leading cloud service providers with Cloud Fabric.

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