Flexential Offers the Interconnection Mesh for Data Center to Data Center Connectivity

Flexential, a provider of data center colocation, cloud, and connectivity, unveiled the Interconnection Mesh, an innovative solution that empowers Flexential customers to manage and scale their connectivity solutions. Customers can also leverage the power of the Flexential Xperience Platform to gain full visibility of all their multi-site connections across their entire colocation deployment, according to the vendor.

This latest innovation from Flexential brings an advanced data center to data center connectivity solution that allows for a multi-site, any to any connection with quick, seamless provisioning.

Flexential is solving the added complexities that expansion brings with an advanced network solution allowing for easy expansions, reduced circuit counts, and a standardized building block to expand on the FlexAnywhere Platform, according to the company.

"Our enterprise customers overwhelmingly desire, and need, improved application and connectivity performance in order to be agile and foster business growth," said Ryan Mallory, chief operating officer, Flexential. "Interconnection Mesh supports Flexential's ongoing commitment to bring industry-leading connectivity solutions to our expanding customer base, meeting them where they need connections, and reducing the unnecessary complexity and friction of the process. We are excited to launch Interconnection Mesh and look forward to continued growth alongside our customers."

The addition of Interconnection Mesh offers the ability, and benefit, for customers to tailor data center site bandwidth to best suit their applications and needs while saving valuable time and resources.

To enable the new streamlined provisioning solution for multi-site, any to any connectivity, Flexential relies on the Cisco NCS 5500 router for its 100 GbE and 400 GbE port density and ability to handle large scale traffic and provide operational simplicity and efficient scaling.

Flexential's launch of Interconnection Mesh comes as the company drives momentum behind its national platform expansion initiative.

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