Flexential Releases Managed Public Cloud Solution

Flexential, a provider of data center colocation and hybrid IT solutions, is offering next-generation Managed Public Cloud and Managed Container Orchestration services to automate cloud infrastructure, application deployment, and increase speed to market.

"With shelter-in-place orders across the country, the increased critically of remote workers and supply chain disruptions, the stress on application infrastructure and networks has never been greater. Businesses have an increasing need for quick scale and are turning to public cloud solutions to find their resources and IT assets, while at the same time trying to operate their environments on a round-the-clock basis. We are working to quickly help businesses manage their costs and expansions, providing strategy and insights," said Mike Fuhrman, chief operations officer of cloud and managed services, Flexential.

Flexential's Managed Public Cloud solution, for AWS and Microsoft's Azure cloud platforms, offers a white-glove turnkey service with ongoing 24x7 operational support of a company's public cloud environment, including management of the hyperscale cloud platform, services, and instances within.

For organizations that want to build and deploy their applications quickly without incurring huge costs or delays, Flexential saves customers time and the cost of hiring hard-to-find talent to do the work.

Flexential's Managed Container Orchestration service helps organizations leverage Kubernetes containers to accelerate application delivery.

The solution fills gaps in application integration and infrastructure development needs – gaps that traditional IT teams do not have the skills or resources to support.

This next-generation product provides 24x7 infrastructure management on AWS's and Azure's cloud platforms leveraging the dynamic scalability of Kubernetes to support containerized workloads

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