Flexera Teams With Microsoft to Open Up Software Supply Chain

Flexera, a software management vendor, is collaborating with Microsoft to address issues afflicting the software supply chain. The goal is to promote the creation of transparency and visibility into how software is been purchased, deployed, and used.

Flexera’s software asset management solution, FlexNet Manager Suite, will be offered in conjunction with Microsoft’s just-announced Intelligent Asset Manager, intended to help customers understand what Microsoft software they own, have deployed and are entitled to use. The service will establish an effective license position - a trusted baseline both parties agree upon. Through the program with Flexera, Microsoft customers can, once the service has been completed, import the new agreed-upon baseline via FlexNet Manager Suite to manage their Microsoft license position on an ongoing basis. Microsoft partners are also eligible to utilize the Flexera Solution and should contact Flexera to learn more.

“In industries with healthy supply chains – there is never any question or disagreement between the supplier and buyer regarding what products have been purchased, what’s been used, and how much is owed,” said Jim Ryan, president and CEO of Flexera. “But that has never been the case with software. Through this collaboration, we’re creating a managed and transparent process using pre-agreed metrics.”

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