Flipside Shares is Available on the Snowflake Marketplace to Provide Blockchain Datasets

Flipside, a provider of blockchain marketplace design and analytics, is launching its on-demand blockchain data offering specifically for the enterprise.

Flipside Shares is available on Snowflake Marketplace and provides joint customers—of all sizes—with access to expertly modeled and curated blockchain datasets, without the hassle of managing nodes, complex data pipelines, or costly data storage.

Flipside provides access to the greatest number of blockchains and protocols in Web3, including Ethereum, Solana, Flow, Near, Axelar, and more than a dozen others.

“From the beginning, our mission has been to help blockchains succeed, and democratizing access to the best cross-chain data available is yet another major milestone in doing that,” said Dave Balter, CEO of Flipside. “Our data is already used by top venture firms, institutional investors, and blockchains themselves that seek to understand Web3 activities.”

The principal challenge enterprises have with blockchain is that while the data is open, it is generally not accessible nor readable by humans. To make sense of and put blockchain data to good use, businesses have encountered the need for heavy investments in data engineering and management costs. Flipside solves that problem by providing easy access to fully-curated data shares streamed directly into an organization’s system with Snowflake Marketplace, eliminating the need for data engineering resources, costly data storage, and complex data pipeline management.

Expertly modeled and SQL-ready, Flipside Shares unlock deep insights from leading blockchains. Unique to the Web3 world, Flipside partners directly with leading blockchains and their protocols to offer the most accurate blockchain data available—including for both blockchains and protocols.

Benefits for enterprise customers include:

  • Enterprise-grade data and on-demand resources help builders and analysts get ahead of the Web3 curve for enterprise customers. No data engineering costs or complex data pipelines to maintain.
  • Fresh data and SQL-ready: Data is streamed in near real-time from Flipside’s node network, through curation pipelines and into a user’s Snowflake account. Integrate SQL-ready data into your system with just one click.
  • Fully curated and enriched: Expertly modeled by our crypto-native Flipside team and community of more than 30,000 analysts. On-chain data enriched and contextualized with off-chain data.
  • Dedicated support: Users have dedicated support and access to Flipside data experts to help navigate the expanding world of blockchain data.
  • Cross-chain visibility: Unique in Web3, access data across 20+ blockchain partners with curated cross-chain views.

“Our partnership with Flipside is in alignment with our mission to mobilize the world’s data,” said Rinesh Patel, global head of financial services at Snowflake. “Together, we’ll empower our joint customers with access to valuable data and analytics that will be crucial for the next wave of Web3 development.”

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