Flow Security Launches its Data Security Platform Backed by $10 Million in Seed Funding

Flow Security is announcing its $10M seed round that facilitated the launch of a data security system that can locate and protect data, both at rest and in motion. Led by Amiti and backed by industry leaders like CyberArk CEO Udi Mokady, Demisto CEO, and co-founder Slavik Markovich, Flow Security’s funding tackles data sprawl and security issues resulting from the industry shift towards cloud systems for data management.

Investment in Flow Security means a bright future for data security and management at any scale, according to the vendor. Reliably securing data like PII, PHI, financial information, and intellectual property is now possible with Flow’s funding. It also provides the company with the capability to continuously map and find data risks with use case support, such as a reduction in data access permissions and policy enforcement.

“Data security is not a new problem, but the challenges are changing and growing,” said Jonathan Roizin, co-founder and CEO of Flow Security. “Organizations are moving at a record pace and quickly transitioning to the cloud and cloud-first applications. These transformations often make life easier, but they also make the jobs of security professionals even more difficult. With Flow, security teams are no longer forced to chase down information. It simplifies security and regulatory processes and bridges the gap between security and development teams."

Flow’s investment widens its capabilities and solidifies its position as an industry innovator, according to the vendor. With the company’s growing user base, its seed funding will facilitate the system’s capacity for handling multiple data scenarios, such as reaching beyond simple mapping of metadata in its automatic data discovery and protection.

“Security and data protection teams are struggling to keep up with the rapid pace of today, and Flow is making their lives exponentially easier,” said Ben Rabinowitz, managing partner and founder at Amiti Ventures. “We’re thrilled to be a partner on this journey, and eager to help capitalize on this opportunity to give security teams the technology they need to become business enablers.”

With Flow’s financial support from organizations like Amiti Ventures, the company’s customer base will continue to grow along with its automatic data mapping and securing features, according to the vendor.

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