Fluree Launches FlureeDB Blockchain Cloud Database

Fluree has introduced FlureeDB, a scalable, blockchain cloud database, for public beta use. According to the company, the new offering combines the interoperability and features of traditional graph and document databases with immutable, decentralized blockchain technology to provide enterprise-grade, developer-ready, cloud-hosted database tools.

Delivering a tamper-resistant consensus model that uses a decentralized network to verify and encrypt accurate transactions, blockchain technology has been promoted by many as the fundamental building block for future enterprise transactions, as the need for trust, security, and transparency increases for business applications.

Brian Platz and Flip Filipowski, who previously co-founded and built up Silkroad Technology, which grew to over 2,000 customers and 500 employees in 12 global offices, have partnered again with Fluree, focusing on enabling enterprises to take advantage of the trend toward decentralized applications. According to Platz, FlureeDB is intended to bride the utility gap between blockchain technology’s potential and its real world application across various industries.

FlureeDB leverages the use of “composite blockchain consensus,” in which a database can be broken up into different parts, each having its own blockchain and associated consensus network. Its query engine allows developers to join all data across multiple blockchains, enabling a single system to consist of a hybrid of consensus characteristics.

FlureeDB can materialize as multiple database types, including graph, document and event log.

FlureeDB is available for use at and a developer whitepaper can be found at