Fluree, a New JSON-Linked-Data Database, is Now in Public Preview

Fluree, provider of a knowledge graph database and semantic data pipeline toolset for secure and trusted data sharing, is offering its latest version, a new JSON-LD database, which is now in public preview with extensive cloud management support.

According to the company, this latest version of Fluree will focus on JSON-LD to enable composable, decentralized data management and offers a knowledge graph database with built in policy, trust, and interoperability.

JSON-LD’s data format simply extends JSON to enable linked data capabilities, providing a familiar pathway for developers looking to get started with linked graph data.

“Fluree provides developers with an out-of-the-box graph database purpose-built for collaboration and sharing reusable data products with shared schemas and policies,” said Brian Platz, CEO of Fluree. “The features in our latest version are particularly attractive to developers working in decentralized environments, where digital trust, data policies and semantic interoperability are paramount. We’re thrilled to work with these developers as we continue to enable more data-centric architectures for trusted, re-usable data products.” 

According to the company, JSON-LD offers several advantages, including simplifying the integration across data sources and accommodating evolving business requirements for machine-generated or web-based data. It broadens the utility of JSON across the entire linked data ecosystem, transforming it into a verifiable web interchange format.

Fluree can not only compose data across decentralized sources but also has a built-in semantic interoperability, allowing developers to start building with universal vocabularies and enabling “schema on read” for easy data sharing.

The platform’s custom granular data access policies and built-in schema mapping also allow developers to securely share data without hard-coding custom middleware, according to the company.

“For developers who are curious about getting started with knowledge graphs, Fluree offers the easiest path to start,” said Eliud Polanco, Fluree’s president. “At a time when data silos are on the rise and data integration is becoming more costly and complex, Fluree provides developers with a platform that, by default, ‘unsilos’ their data.” 

Fluree plans to roll out general availability by the end of the year.

Fluree is now available as a hosted platform with an intuitive UI for data management, sharing, and development, as well as an open-source download.

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