Flytxt CLTV AI for CX Arrives on the SAP Store

Flytxt B.V. announced that its Flytxt CLTV AI for CX solution is now available on SAP Store and is part of SAP’s industry cloud portfolio for the telecommunication industry.

Flytxt CLTV AI leverages integration capabilities of SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) and integrates with SAP Customer Data Platform to deliver actionable customer and product intelligence to improve customer experience workflows and decisions, resulting in better business outcomes, according to the company.

“Capitalizing on customer lifetime value (CLTV) is rapidly becoming a key factor for subscription business success; however, maximizing CLTV has been difficult despite having access to vast amounts of customer data and computing resources,” said Dr. Vinod Vasudevan, CEO of Flytxt. “Simultaneously, subscription businesses are increasingly turning toward outcome-based business models to secure recurring revenue streams. The Flytxt solution helps businesses in the SAP ecosystem maximize CLTV through our well-trained and market-proven AI.”

 Subscription businesses using SAP Customer Data Platform can make use of this add-on solution from Flytxt to have additional customer intelligence in the form of predictive insights, recommendations, and next best actions.  

The Flytxt CLTV AI for CX solution:

  • Leverages Flytxt’s AI/ML models trained with trillions of curated data points to derive accurate and deeper insights on historical and predicted usage behavior of customers
  • Prescribes recommendations and next best actions at scale for users of SAP Customer Data Platform to help optimize the value of every customer interaction across touch points and journeys
  • Performs no-code analytics; saves time in performing manual analysis and custom AI/ML model development and training
  • Supports APIs that can access customer, product, and campaign data from SAP Customer Data Platform and other CX applications and then feeds actionable intelligence back into these systems

To help enable companies to become intelligent enterprises, SAP is expanding its vertical solutions with an ecosystem of industry cloud solutions.

The solutions leverage SAP BTP, with advanced technologies, and are interoperable with SAP’s intelligent suite. Flytxt is working with SAP to create offerings that meet specific, telecommunications industry requirements to provide customers with tools to help achieve positive business outcomes. Learn more at SAP Store.

Flytxt is a partner in the SAP PartnerEdge program. Businesses that use SAP technologies from telecommunication, media, financial services, utilities, and travel sectors can subscribe to Flytxt's CLTV AI to gain additional intelligence for maximizing customer and product lifetime value.

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