Focusing on Data Security at Data Summit 2017

Data security has been the source of dramatic changes in the last 10 years, influencing technologies and the way businesses operate globally. Machine data for IoT, cloud, big data, changing regulations, and the need to make data available more broadly to more users within organizations, are just some of the challenges impacting data security.

Data Summit 2017 will take a deep dive into these considerations during the Data Security Forum moderated by Michelle Malcher, security architect at Extreme Scale Solutions. The event takes place May 16-17 at the New York Hilton Midtown, with pre-conference workshops on May 15.

With the protection of data and systems from theft and disruption becoming an essential undertaking where everyone plays a key role, IT and business professionals alike, the Data Security Forum has been designed to appeal to data security professionals, information security directors, data governance managers, lawyers, and anyone concerned about the threats and opportunities posed by data security.

It is important that the Data Security Forum is part of the Data Summit so that it can be part of the larger conversation about leveraging big data, said Malcher.  

A key issue that companies must address is the potential for greater use of analytics for proactive detection of threats and anomalous behavior. Analytics tools can be put to use to scrutinize not just database data but also network data, said Malcher. “It is basically just an extension of business intelligence to what I call ‘security intelligence’ and this is an area that has not gotten as much attention as you would think."

A second key area which is becoming more of an industry focus is that when people talked about security it was always immediate assumed that it was network security. “The focus has now shifted to actually protecting data, and taking steps to be smarter with data,” said Malcher, noting that with the rise of greater stores of transaction data, IoT, and additional integrations within organizations, data is constantly moving and must always be protected, wherever it is.

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