For IBM, All-Flash Paves the Way for High-Speed Cloud Apps

IBM announced an expansion of its flash storage portfolio, which three new all-flash array products incorporating upgraded performance with a minimum latency of 250μs (microsecond). 

“The drastic increase in volume, velocity and variety of information is requiring businesses to rethink their approach to addressing storage needs, and they need a solution that is as fast as it is easy, if they want to be ready for the Cognitive Era,” said Greg Lotko, general manager of IBM Storage and Software Defined Infrastructure. 

The FlashSystem A9000 comes fully configured which helps drive down the cost of implementing an all-flash environment. For cloud service providers, the FlashSystem A9000R, with its grid architecture, provides easy scaling up to the petabyte range.

The FlashSystem A9000 and A9000R both incorporate data reduction features, including pattern removal, deduplication and real-time compression, as well as IBM FlashCore technology to deliver consistent low latency performance.  They are priced as low as $1.50 per gigabyte.

The all-flash IBM DS8888 is designed to support customer databases and data-intensive applications.

The all-flash solutions announced today complement IBM’s existing all-flash portfolio, including FlashSystem 900 and V9000 that also leverage IBM’s FlashCore technology. IBM’s midrange all-flash solutions consist of all-flash versions of the Storwize family.

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