Ford Motor Company Selects SAP Sybase PowerDesigner

Sybase has announced that Ford Motor Company will centralize all of its logical and physical modeling functions with SAP Sybase PowerDesigner, the data modeling software and metadata management solution for data, information, and enterprise architectures.

PowerDesigner provides the capability to generate Data Description Language (DDL) for Ford Motor Company's database platforms, including all of the leading databases like Sybase ASE, DB2, SQL Server, Teradata and Oracle. And, with the ability to make edits to certain information directly through the web interface, PowerDesigner allows for greater participation among a broader community, fostering a more collaborative atmosphere.

"Enterprise standards for data modeling are becoming increasingly important in today's architectures. With the influx of 'big data' and the focus on analytics, companies need to get a better handle on their data and metadata. PowerDesigner is uniquely positioned in the industry since we have been providing a top shelf data modeling tool for over 20 years and have provided innovations along with industry demands,"  says David Dichmann, director of product management at Sybase, an SAP company. "Sybase understands that usability is the key with PowerDesigner and its knowledgeable and helpful team provides technical background that Ford needs to most effectively utilize the tool."

Out of the box, according to Sybase, PowerDesigner offers fewer customization requirements, more robust mapping to the data warehouse and a new Web Portal feature which improves collaboration between technical and non-technical team members. By offering extended collaboration, PowerDesigner aims to ensure faster, more accurate information definitions, increasing business agility and reducing misunderstandings and errors.

More information is available about PowerDesigner.