Forecast Collaborates with Sisense on Business Intelligence Platform

AI-native project and resource management platform, Forecast, is releasing the Advanced Analytics (AvA) platform, powered by business intelligence and data analytics software, Sisense.

“It’s exciting to partner with innovative companies like Forecast that are infusing analytics with AI-powered insights to help business leaders make better, more accurate decisions at scale,” said Paul Scholey, VP of international at Sisense. “We’re thrilled to collaborate with such a leader in project and resource management that is revolutionising how CEOs, CFOs, COOs and Project Directors unlock the value of their data through dashboards, build their own customised reports and reap the efficiencies of real-time reporting."

AvA uses data intelligence to help businesses fuel growth, by providing tailored, customizable reports, dashboards and visualizations specific to individual commercial needs, using Forecast’s vast and accurate data as the foundation.

According to the vendor, AvA addresses the need for easily accessible company data by providing ‘at a glance’ visual insights into business performance metrics like profitability and resourcing, ultimately empowering customers with intelligent insights to increase revenue, mitigate risks, decrease costs and drive efficiency and profitability across the board.

Tailored reporting allows users to focus on what matters to their business by customizing the reports, forecasts and dashboards, which can be used to inform business decisions.

This removes the need to juggle multiple spreadsheets and instead replaces them with analytics in one easy-to-use system. 

Through AvA users are able to spot inefficiencies and missed opportunities before they do damage, with a clear view of insights such as which roles are under- or over-utilized, as well as scoping accuracy, so viewers can see if they are over or underestimating project plans.

Having such insights available at a glance enables companies to take action quickly, drive up billable utilisation by hiring the right people at the right time, and balance commercial needs with resource availability. In addition businesses can identify the biggest possible returns with a complete view of profitability across roles, clients, and projects.

“Advanced Analytics gives our customers the power to surface the insights they need to answer critical business questions,” said Amalie Kaysen, VP of product at Forecast. “AvA is based on robust data that lives in Forecast underpinned by proven BI technology from our partners at Sisense. By connecting everything into our engine, with Advanced Analytics we are able to leverage data so that business leaders can understand questions like when they need to hire, how to increase profitability, and how to improve the success rates of their project portfolio, enabling users to identify the pain-points that are holding their business back, as well as highlighting opportunities for growth.”

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