Fortanix Announces General Availability of Key Insight

Fortanix, a leader in data-first cybersecurity and pioneer of Confidential Computing, is releasing Key Insight, helping organizations proactively manage data exposure risks due to a lack of visibility and control of their cryptographic posture.

According to the company, Key Insight delivers visibility of keys across multi-cloud environments and enables organizations to identify risks and future-proof data security against the looming threat of the post-quantum computing era.  

Fortanix Key Insight automatically reveals what data has been encrypted, the type of encryption keys, and which workloads use them in AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud environments.

The intuitive Fortanix platform interface makes it simple to assess how your cryptographic posture aligns with your policies and prioritize remediation steps, according to the company.

Fortanix Key Insight helps organizations prepare for the post-quantum era with an automated discovery that creates a complete inventory of all cryptographic keys. Key Insight then delivers an assessment to help prioritize the encryption keys and data services that need to transition to quantum-resistant algorithms.

With this insight, organizations leverage the Fortanix platform for the crypto agility needed for a smooth migration to the oncoming NIST-standardized algorithms. 

"Encryption is the most effective measure of data security, but security teams all too often lack visibility into what is and isn’t being protected and whether data security best practices are being followed," said Anuj Jaiswal, vice president of product, Fortanix. "Key Insight is a huge step forward for the industry because it helps organizations completely and accurately discover and assess their cryptographic security posture and remediate issues with the crypto-agility capabilities of the Fortanix platform. This is a perfect antidote to the current threat of adversaries harvesting stolen data and waiting for quantum computing technology to catch up so they can decrypt this data.”  

The product takes a three-pronged approach to enterprise key posture management: 

  • Discovery: Identifies all encryption assets and provides a detailed map of the relationships between encryption keys and data services. 
  • Assessment: Data-driven heatmaps quickly pinpoint risks, gaps, and priorities against established policies, regulations, and industry standards. 
  • Remediation: Implements corrective actions at scale to improve cryptographic security, with robust monitoring and reporting to demonstrate continuous improvements over time. 

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