Fortanix DSM Integration with AWS External Key Store Brings Compliance with Confidence

Fortanix Inc., the data-first multicloud security company, is unveiling its Data Security Manager’s integration with AWS External Key Store, allowing users to segregate encryption keys from the data used and stored on AWS in order to run regulated data workloads on AWS. Ultimately, the integration aims to increase data security control for AWS customers, as well as accommodating for continuously evolving compliance requirements, according to the vendor.

Fortanix Data Security Manager is a scalable data security platform that is as easy to deploy as it is comprehensive. Offering services such as encryption, multicloud key management, and tokenization, Fortanix DSM’s integration with AWS External Key Store expands its unified security suite to AWS customers.

Enterprises that leverage cloud platforms find difficulty in proving their compliance with privacy and security regulations, such as with the GDPR and the Schrems II ruling, according to the vendor. Fortanix DSM acts as a centralized, external key store that enhances ownership over keys while providing holistic control over the data encryption policies within AWS or other cloud platforms.

“It essentially gives more power and control to the enterprises themselves and ensures that no single provider is entrusted with both securing the data, as well as being the keeper and manager of the keys,” said Shashi Kiran, chief marketing officer at Fortanix. “That separation results in greater security and therefore, better compliance.”

This “holistic control” provided by Fortanix DSM allows users to enforce granular access control throughout hybrid, multicloud infrastructures. Further, the integration streamlines workflows and audits through Fortanix’s centralized key management.

“For customers, it helps them move to the cloud with confidence,” continued Kiran. “Because Fortanix is a multicloud solution, it allows everything to be treated in a consistent way across providers. It simplifies operations, reduces risk, increases adoption and acceleration to the cloud.”

Fortanix offers a 30-day trial of the DSM enterprise tier, as well as a free tier offering with DSM Explorer, available now.

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