Fortanix Introduces “Free Tier” of its Data Security Manager

Fortanix Inc., the data-first multi-cloud security company and innovator of Confidential Computing, is releasing a “free tier” iteration of their Data Security Manager (DSM) SaaS offering, dubbed Fortanix DSM Explorer, to cater to enterprises with specific use cases and smaller budgets.

“Our goal is to look at the entirety of the data security lifecycle and have offerings that are easy for customers to adopt,” said Shashi Kiran, chief marketing officer at Fortanix.

The Fortanix DSM is designed for simplicity and scale, delivering a suite of services such as encryption, multi-cloud key management, and tokenization, among many others. Both the Fortanix DSM Enterprise edition and DSM Explorer edition are backed by FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified Fortanix Hardware Security Modules (HSMs).

DSM Explorer offers five curated solutions for popular use cases that involve privacy, compliance, security, and management, all equipped with Fortanix’s support tickets, updates, and fixes process.

“The DSM Explorer is a complete data security product that can be deployed in-production, and is also completely free,” explained Kiran.

The choices of solutions for DSM Explorer include:

  • Tokenization: Make data such as PII securable with random, format-preserving strings of characters (i.e., “tokens”) for optimized privacy and security.
  • Google Cloud External Key Management: Manage Google Cloud keys outside of the cloud for improved security control.
  • Google Workspace Client-Side Encryption: Maintain sole authority over cryptographic keys for encrypting data and documents in Google Workspace.
  • Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) on AWS: Maintain cryptographic key control for processes related to AWS.
  • BYOK on Microsoft Azure: Maintain cryptographic key control for processes related to Microsoft Azure.

“We felt that today, in the market, data breaches are free—you don’t pay for the data breach, obviously, but you pay for it after the fact,” said Kiran. “There is a perception that data security is very expensive, especially in smaller teams. We decided to introduce the DSM Explorer, which addresses specific use cases and can be sufficient in its entirety for those small teams, for free. If you end up looking to scale beyond certain constructs, we made it frictionless to transition into the Enterprise tier.”

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