Fortanix Introduces Key Insight, Bringing Transparency to Encryption Key Management

Fortanix Inc., a leader in data security and pioneer of Confidential Computing, is announcing the availability of Key Insight for the Fortanix Data Security Management (DSM) platform, a capability engineered to bring visibility and control to encryption key management.

The threat of data breaches can destroy the business standing and reputation of any enterprise. With the advent of encryption and encryption keys, companies were able to institute a final line of defense if traditional firewall and cloud security safeguards were breached. Despite its utility, encryption keys are limited by the lack of control that they offer, leading to weak, perimeter-centered security postures.

Fortanix Key Insight revolutionizes encryption key management by centralizing the control of cryptographic keys across security, cloud, and developer teams.

“There's a really interesting opportunity to bring these teams together which are kind of siloed; if you look at cloud operations teams, crypto teams, and DevOps teams, they don't always work together,” said Glenn Rhodes, VP of product and solutions marketing at Fortanix. “And I think that's one of the powers of Fortanix and this offering…it brings them together so that they can have a common discussion about what the risk of those data services is.” 

Developed in response to customers “looking for the ability to scan their entire environments, and to understand their posture as it relates to their encryption keys, but more importantly, the correlation of the encryption keys to their services,” Key Insight propels Fortanix’s mission to help business solve deeply complex problems through complete visibility, according to Ron Longo, CRO of Fortanix.

Organizations can leverage the solution to discover all encryption assets, accompanied by a detailed mapping between keys and services available via an intuitive dashboard. Key Insight further assesses risk posture with visual heatmaps, uncovering risks, gaps, and priorities within existing policies and regulations.

By remediating gaps in policy and compliance, Fortanix DSM users are now able to achieve crypto agility at scale that is both explainable and comprehensive.

“We believe we are the industry's first and only data security solution…[with] enterprise key encryption, key posture management that is integrated with remediation all under a single pane of glass,” said Longo. “The fact that we build all that on a confidential compute framework, providing hyper security across encryption keys…definitely puts us in a category to ourselves.”

As bad actors continue to evolve alongside security solutions, Key Insight is prepared to tackle that transformation. “The beauty of our solution is that we are quantum elastic and that we can quickly modify our encryption capability to respond to things like post-quantum computing,” said Longo.

As far as the evolution of Key Insight, Longo explained that “the first release of Key Insight will focus on AWS, and then subsequent releases will then introduce all of the public clouds, and then, of course, the next step beyond that would be on-prem visibility.”

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