Fortanix Launches Data Masking and Tokenization Solution Delivered as SaaS Deployment

Fortanix, the multi-cloud data security company and the pioneer of confidential computing, is announcing the launch of the Fortanix Data Masking and Tokenization solution, an extension of Fortanix’s Data Security Manager (DSM) platform that addresses the threat of data breaches, powered by confidential computing and deployed as SaaS.

The challenges threatening enterprises big and small are endless; data breaches, privacy violations, data proliferation, and adhering to regulatory requirements are just a few of the many threats looming over the modern, data-driven organization.

Addressing these rising concerns, Fortanix’s Data Masking and Tokenization solution aims to enable existing or new SaaS key management users to take advantage of the security benefits that data masking and tokenization provides. Its delivery as SaaS makes this security solution rather unique in the market, enabling extensive scalability and the ability for Fortanix to make and roll out changes rapidly and easily, according to the company.

By focusing on simplicity, agility, and security, Fortanix’s expansion of its platform makes it easy to mask and tokenize sensitive data across multiple sources, all while adhering to disparate regulatory requirements and enforcing compliance.

The exploration into data masking and tokenization “was a logical next step,” explained Shashi Kiran, CMO at Fortanix.

“Even with companies that have fairly large IT organizations and cybersecurity teams, you're seeing headlines come out about data breaches, and you start to think, ‘Why is this happening?’” he continued. “The answer usually boils down to the complexity of the infrastructure that they have across different environments, and the fact that teams are still siloed.”

As a result of the increasing need to combat sensitive data breaches in complex, siloed environments, Fortanix’s solution allows users to de-identify data, all from a single, integrated platform. Users can consolidate and unify administration keys, tokens, and policies throughout hybrid, multi-cloud IT infrastructure.

The solution also employs granular role-based access control (RBAC) and Quorum approval to prevent risk and distribute zero trust ideals. Keys are stored in FIPS 140-2 Level 3 HSMs, further strengthening operations.

“Tokenization and data masking have suddenly become more important because of the propagation of sensitive information and the need to access it based on certain roles and privileges,” explained Kiran.

Additionally, Fortanix’s Data Masking and Tokenization solution is underpinned by confidential computing, making the robust capability inherently secure in delivering an “easy button” for securing sensitive and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data.

Users can implement and enforce administrative safeguards, as well as apply format-preserving encryption (FPE) early, all united within a reliable and scalable SaaS deployment. To encourage low-latency performance, users can implement Fortanix’s DSM accelerator for high-performance processing.

“Most enterprises, [when] they do an inventory of their applications and software, over 70% of it is being consumed as SaaS, and most of them are taken and adopted with a cloud-first strategy,” said Kiran. “Being the industry's first tokenization and data masking solution that fits squarely within the digital transformation and cloud initiatives, it’s something that makes it easy for them to tokenize their data, regardless of what the source is [and] we're integrating with a number of technology partnerships.”

In conjunction with Fortanix’s Data Masking and Tokenization launch, key ecosystem partner endorsements expand the applicability of the solution’s power. Partners such as SAP enable support for tokenization and detokenization scenarios within SAP Data Custodian, empowering the de-identification of sensitive information.

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