Fortinet Releases version 4.0 of its FortiDB Database Security Solution

Fortinet, a provider of unified threat management (UTM) software solutions, recently announced a major upgrade of its database security and compliance product, FortiDB. FortiDB is a broad solution designed to secure databases and applications for both virtualized and non-virtualized environments. The product performs vulnerability assessments (along with providing remediation advice), database activity monitoring, data loss prevention, automation of auditing and compliance, and change control to keep track of changes related to database structures and end users. FortiDB supports heterogeneous environments including Oracle, DB2, Sybase and MS SQL Server.

In the new FortiDB 4.0 release, Fortinet has included a more intuitive graphical user interface, centralized policy management, and new data collection methods for agent-based auditing. Additionally, the new architecture is designed to improve scalability and performance, which will help customers optimize their hardware resources and result in better total cost of ownership.

"FortiDB can be purchased as either an appliance option or a software-only option, and can be quickly configured such that users can start getting reports on the same day that it is deployed. Version 4.0 comes with one integrated GUI for vulnerability assessment, database activity monitoring, and auditing, and is more policy-based than previous versions," George Csabas, product manager for FortiDB, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "It also has better alerting and reporting capabilities, and offers users the option of setting database configurations to perform native auditing, or to turn native auditing off and use separately deployed agents instead. Native auditing provides the most granular audit collection information, however can also have some negative impact on database performance. Companies who do not want to have any performance reduction can choose to use the agent auditing capability instead."

Version 4.0 also provides for more ease of deployment and management. New features of FortiDB are designed to enhance ease of deployments and management for vulnerability assessment and database activity monitoring, especially in enterprise environments and virtualized environments. For example, users can now define a set of monitoring and audit policies and apply them against a group of databases for much more simplified management. This will dramatically simplify the deployment of FortiDB for security purposes and also enable users to generate audit and compliance reports much faster.

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