FoundationDB Launches New ACID-Compliant NoSQL Data Platform

FoundationDB has launched its new ACID-compliant NoSQL database platform, the first to combine NoSQL scalablity with high-performance multi-key ACID transactions across all data within the database, allowing developers to more easily create reliable and highly-scalable applications.  

FoundationDB scales to support millions of fully-transactional operations per second on a distributed cluster of commodity servers, and supports a diverse set of applications and data models through “layers” which map different data models onto FoundationDB’s ordered keys and values, according to the company. “We stripped out as many features and as much capability as possible from our core product. It keeps the keys in sorted order so that you can do efficient range operations and efficient scans through ranges of keys for analytic-type workloads, but we decided not to strip out the transactional capability,” David Rosenthal, co-founder of FoundationDB, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Applications built on these layers, the company says, have high performance, data consistency and operational resilience of the FoundationDB core database.

FoundationDB’s database platform was built on a distributed share-nothing architecture that automatically handles machine failures, network problems, data balancing, adding new machines and other operational tasks. “Our goal is to have FoundationDB be the universal data storage layer for modern applications,” Rosenthal explains. FoundationDB supports Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows, and includes APIs for C, Python, Ruby, Node.js and Java.

Beta 1 is available as a free download from