Franz Announces AllegroGraph 7.3 With Enhanced GraphQL Capabilities

Franz, a supplier of graph database technology for entity-event knowledge graph solutions, has announced AllegroGraph 7.3 with enhanced GraphQL query capabilities for distributed knowledge graphs and enterprise data fabrics.

With AllegroGraph’s GraphQL APIs, the company says, developers can create performant and more complex data-driven applications. GraphQL’s capability to fetch the specific data in a single request delivers flexibility to knowledge graph developers.

GraphQL is an open source data query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling queries with data. It allows API clients to query data as a graph no matter how the data is stored, making it possible to loosely couple data sources with client applications.

According to Franz, GraphQL provides an understandable description of the data in the API, gives clients the ability to ask for exactly what they need, and makes it easier to evolve APIs over time. Using GraphQL APIs within AllegroGraph can lower integration costs and minimize redundancy in enterprise systems, while improving the value of data-driven applications.

“GraphQL’s increasing industry adoption in combination with AllegroGraph’s FedShard and entity-event modeling capabilities provide AI application developers and data architects with both the ease and flexibility to create very powerful data-driven applications across the enterprise,” said Jans Aasman, CEO of Franz. “Now when organizations need to integrate multiple systems from large legacy infrastructures and add new data to deliver a rich AI application—they can do so more quickly and easily using AllegroGraph and GraphQL APIs.”  

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