Franz Announces New Version of its Knowledge Graph Visualization App

Franz Inc., an early innovator in artificial intelligence (AI) and leading supplier of knowledge graph technology for Neuro-Symbolic AI applications, is introducing Gruff 9, a web-based advanced knowledge graph visualization tool that offers LLM integration and unique RDF* (RDFStar) features for building next-generation AI applications. 

“The ability to visualize data has become essential to every organization, in every industry,” said Dr. Jans Aasman, CEO of Franz Inc. “Gruff’s dynamic data visualizations enable a broad set of users to determine insights that would otherwise elude them by displaying data in a way that they can see the significance of the information relative to a business problem or solution. Gruff makes it simple to weave these knowledge graph visualizations into new Neuro-Symbolic AI applications—further extending the power of AI in the enterprise.”

Gruff 9 gives users the ability to embed natural language LLM queries in SPARQL to visualize and explore the connections displayed in the results.

Gruff now provides a unique visualization solution for the emerging RDF* standard from W3C.  The RDF* standard is an improvement over the labeled property graph approach (supported by other vendors) as it allows full hypergraph capabilities.

Gruff 9 is included with AllegroGraph Cloud, Franz’s hosted version of its Neuro-Symbolic AI platform. Gruff and AllegroGraph Cloud offer users a convenient and easy on-ramp to building advanced AI applications, according to the company.

Franz Inc. recently announced AllegroGraph 8, adding its Neuro-Symbolic AI Platform that incorporates large language model (LLM) components directly into SPARQL along with vector generation and vector storage for a comprehensive AI Knowledge Graph solution.

AllegroGraph v8 redefines how knowledge graphs are created and expands the boundaries of what AI can achieve within the most secure triplestore database on the market, according to Franz.

The advancements in AllegroGraph 8 encompass the following transformative capabilities and enhancements:

  • Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) for LLMs
  • Natural language queries and reasoning
  • Enterprise document deep-insight
  • AI symbolic rule generation
  • Streamlined ontology and taxonomy creation
  • Enhanced scalability and performance

AllegroGraph Cloud with Gruff 9 fully integrated is available at or directly from Franz Inc.

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