Fujitsu Updates Mainframe Operating System

Fujitsu has launched a new operating system designed to underline the long-term relevance of mainframes as the backbone of the digital world with more advanced, high availability, interoperability, security and maintenance features.

Fujitsu Software BS2000 OSD/BC V11.0, the new edition of OS software for Fujitsu BS2000 SE Server series, represents an upgrade of Fujitsu’s mainframe operating system. The latest edition places an emphasis on key features necessary for innovative and secure digital co-creation, such as operating system openness, enhanced performance and usability. The new operating system sets an industry milestone by delivering the prerequisites for the first-time support of live migration between /390 servers. This real-time capability provides powerful and flexible new options for planned downtime and maintenance.

The latest OS software also introduces extended storage integration for text-based files, allowing seamless data exchange with open systems such as LINUX via shared NAS storage. Additional new features include advanced security with encryption as standard, and extended diagnostic functions to help ensure the long-term availability and secure ongoing maintenance of future BS2000 mainframe systems.

“Mainframes, while ubiquitous, are in fact a critical digitalization engine, since they are still trusted to power more than half of all enterprise applications,” said Rupert Lehner, SVP Enterprise Platform Services in EMEIA and managing director Germany at Fujitsu. “Over many decades, mainframes have proven to be the most reliable, solid and efficient solution for processing huge amounts of data, at the highest possible speeds. The latest upgrade to our operating system makes sure the BS2000 SE Infrastructures are ready to take on the next era of computing challenges in the digital age. We continue to invest heavily in our future-oriented enterprise platform offerings, encompassing software, hardware, and comprehensive services, to ensure that we meet the current and future needs of our customers.”

BS2000 OSD/BC software ensures that Fujitsu BS2000 business servers continue to deliver efficiency and business continuity. The latest software release is intended to extend the mainframe’s capabilities.

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