Fujitsu and Quantum Partner to Ease Mainframe Backups

Fujitsu America, a communication technology company, and Quantum Corp., a storage systems vendor, announced an agreement to offer North American customers a joint solution for large enterprise and mainframe backup and archive storage that encompasses disk and tape technologies. The joint solution leverages the Fujitsu ETERNUS CS8000 unified data protection appliance for deduplicated disk-based backup and Quantum Scalar LTO intelligent tape libraries for long-term data retention. 

"Fujitsu and Quantum have achieved great success partnering in EMEA to deliver backup and archiving solutions to our customers, which includes enterprises with large mainframe environments,” said Alex Lam, vice president of enterprise business for Fujitsu America. “We are excited to extend the partnership with Quantum to North America and will be using the combined scale of the partnership to reach a wider set of customers with a comprehensive set of backup and archiving solutions."

The combination of Fujitsu ETERNUS CS8000 backup and Quantum Scalar LTO tape archive enables mainframe customers to address storage workflow challenges and better manage their data storage requirements and costs. Together, these technologies use a tiered approach that leverages primary disk, deduplicated disk backup and archive tape to balance access speed with capacity needs and cost requirements. This enables enterprises seeking to consolidate legacy mainframe VTLs to replace old, proprietary tape libraries with more economical deduplication and LTO tape.

The Fujitsu ETERNUS CS8000 is a unified data protection appliance that incorporates Quantum's deduplication technology to consolidate backup and archiving infrastructures of open systems and mainframes. Quantum's Scalar tape libraries are intelligent automated tape libraries, with built-in diagnostics, management features to reduce operating expenses, and policy-based data integrity checking to ensure valuable data archived on tape can be recovered.

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