Full 360 Announces New Version of elasticBI PaaS Featuring Jaspersoft 4

Full 360 Inc., a New York-based systems integrator, has introduced a new release of its elasticBI platform-as-a-service (PaaS), featuring Jaspersoft 4, the latest release of the open source BI application.

Jaspersoft 4's web application architecture and web-style UI allows customers to seamlessly bring BI into any web application. elasticBI pairs Jaspersoft 4 with the Vertica Analytic Database in a PaaS offering that is tightly integrated via the Opscode Chef framework. The platform is offered by Full 360 on Amazon Web Services, the Amazon cloud.

According to Full 360, elasticBI is a complete BI-data warehouse platform that is accessible from a cost and technical perspective for small and mid-market companies, as well as enterprise departments. Full 360 defines its target SMB market as ranging from un- or under-funded startups to companies of about $100 million in sales.

Many employees of these companies have experience with industrial-strength BI and data warehouses in larger organizations, and are seeking to bring that level of sophisticated reporting and analytics to their smaller organizations — but without the large cost of traditional BI or data warehousing, Larry Hill, director of business development, Full 360, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "They also don't have years to spend building an 'enterprise' data warehouse. They need results in weeks or months instead. elasticBI is an affordable, industrial-strength offering that can be brought online within a matter of weeks, for just a few thousand dollars a month," Hill says.

Full 360 and Jaspersoft are hosting a webinar on Wednesday, April 27, at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET, called "Cloud BI with Jaspersoft 4." It will discuss how the mega-trends of cloud computing, open source BI, and next-generation analytic databases have converged in the elasticBI platform. For more information on elasticBI, go to the Full 360 website.