Fusion-io Rolls Out New Flash Memory Platform

Fusion-io announced a new flash memory platform with new features designed to improve performance and capacity on the smallest available footprint for appliance and server environments.

The latest release of Fusion-io's Atomic Series is built on foundational technology achievements with the latest third-generation Fusion-io memory-based architecture. Flash powers applications that demand more performance and less infrastructure. According to Fusion-io, the series is architected for application acceleration through innovative software advancements, providing the ability to  deliver higher performance than typical solid-state disks in less space.

“Patience is no longer a virtue in a world where we expect information at our fingertips with ever increasing velocity,” said Fusion-io CEO and chairman Shane Robison. “Latency is the new dial up. Our newest advancements in flash memory ensure that data flows seamlessly and with greater speed, efficiency and reliability by accelerating data-driven applications.”

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