GE Greens its Data Center With its Own Technology

GE knows a thing or two about managing energy consumption—and is applying this know-how to its massive data center in Ohio. Recently, the company announced new technologies that will save the company more than 11% of the current annual energy used for cooling at the data center. In addition, the new solution will save two to three million gallons of water—or 20%—while also reducing use of water treatment chemicals at the facility by 50%. The data center consists of 29,000 square feet of raised floor—equivalent to six professional basketball courts—and includes more than 3,800 IT systems. The data center consumes 24 million kWh of power each year. To help with the reduction of water and energy, GE is updating the data center with nearly 30 products from nine different GE businesses, including data center automation, power quality, chilled water, electrical, security and IT services equipment. "GE technology can address more than 50% of data center energy usage from power supply, distribution, cooling and lighting, and its solutions can result in a 40% annual improvement in energy savings for non-IT systems," says Greg Simpson, chief technology officer for GE.