GT Software Enables Data Gathering Within or Outside Mainframes

GT Software has introduced a software platform and supporting services to enable businesses to access critical information from across the organization, regardless of where it is stored for improved business decisions and performance. 

GT’s Data Unification Solution is comprised of three components. The Ivory Data Hub v5.3 which provides SQL support for all data types, both on and off the mainframe, including VSAM, DB2, Oracle, and SQL Server, and others. IvoryService Architect enables organizations to extend access to mainframe applications, data and processes through web services with no code written, generated or changed and no additional MIPS usage. Organizations can extend their SOA architecture to the mainframe; and Portfolio Assessment Services that provide assessment of mainframe environments, including applications, data, connectivity and dependencies, along with proven implementation methodologies and support.

With the Data Unification Solution, users can deploy, merge and better access data, within or outside the mainframe, across disparate platforms, programming languages or formats.

“In today’s competitive market, companies need to leverage all the data in the enterprise in whatever format and from whatever source. It is the only way to gain a comprehensive view of a business and its customers,” said Pamela Bartz, vice president of marketing for GT Software. “If you are not using all the available data, you’re probably not making optimum decisions.”

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