GT Software Extends Enterprise Modernization Capabilities

GT Software, provider of technology solutions for enterprise modernization, has rolled out Ivory Hub, a product suite targeted at mainframe enterprises seeking to address the demands for rapid application delivery for mobile, web, and cloud. Ivory Hub is designed to help organizations modernize their mainframe investment in a secure and low-maintenance environment.  

“The overall purpose and intent of the technology is to simplify accessing resources on the mainframe that are valuable, yet in many ways hidden due to the lack of skilled resources in the marketplace today,” Chris Garner, senior vice president of the products group at GT Software, tells 5 Minute Briefing. “It is also targeted at building applications rapidly.” One of the things that happens when you do have the staff with skills to access the mainframe is that they tend to have very monolithic or cumbersome tools to develop those applications, he notes. “We give you the ability to follow an Agile-type development mentality where you can build quick, easy, straightforward access to mainframe resources and do it quickly.”

The Ivory Hub product suite enables users to deal with various business challenges such as direct access to data and applications and transferring data between mainframe and non-mainframe systems. Ivory Hub removes the complexities from these tasks, requires minimal professional services and operates in a multi-platform environment. According to GT, users also are able to install Ivory Hub without any prerequisites, further simplifying the installation process and, in many cases, streamlining the process to an hour or less.

 The solution also provides SQL access to distributed data and allows users to deploy access through a gateway or directly, depending on their preferred deployment option. In addition, Ivory Hub includes broad support for industry standards and better relational mapping.

Components of the Ivory Hub solution set include Ivory Hub z/Server for fast SQL access via ODBC/JDBC to mainframe data and apps on the z/Server or VSE platform, and Ivory Hub Enterprise Access, which enables SQL access to distributed data on mainframe and non-mainframe (LAN-based) platforms from single SQL queries.

Supported access environments include Adabas, IMS and DL/I, CICS, DB2, VSAM, Datacom/R or Datacom SQL, and sequential disk.

“We tend to find that because of the simplicity of our technology, those environments that are lacking a depth of mainframe skilled resources tend to gravitate towards our solutions,” notes Garner.

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To learn more about Ivory Hub, there is a webcast scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 18 at 11 am ET.  Click here to register.