GT Software Introduces Newest NetCOBOL Release

GT Software, a provider of technology solutions for enterprise modernization, has announced the general availability of its latest releases of the NetCOBOL compiler solutions - NetCOBOL for Windows v10.4 x64 and NetCOBOL for Linux v10.4 x64.NetCOBOL is a COBOL compiler and development environment used to create standalone COBOL applications and/or COBOL components. The latest release of NetCOBOL v10.4 brings new levels of flexibility, removes file size restrictions, and provides updated support for the growing Linux COBOL community. It can be used to create 64-bit server applications or applications that need the power of easy to maintain COBOL business logic.

In this latest release, GT Software has expanded the support for increased size of numerical items to offer programmers more flexibility and capacity to the high-performing COBOL compiler, and eliminated any restriction on file sizes so that applications can now utilize file sizes at the system limit which deliver powerful capabilities for data management and application design.

Another capability added to these new releases includes recursive program calling, enabling a called program to directly or indirectly execute its caller. NetCOBOL also allows for FIRST and LAST to be specified for embedded SQL FETCH statements. These new features make it easier to migrate from other compiler solutions.

"This latest release of NetCOBOL v10.4 x64 shows our ongoing commitment to deliver the most flexible, highly functional, ANSI compliant COBOL compilers at price points and contractual terms that fit today's market for broader COBOL deployments for standalone apps and mainframe rehosting applications," says Chris Garner, senior vice president for GT Software. "These capabilities uniquely position the NetCOBOL for Windows and NetCOBOL for Linux as the most flexible and capable COBOL compilers available in today's market."

Additional specifications regarding NetCOBOL for Windows and NetCOBOL for Linux are available at